Enterprise Services

VAN Services

Sharing information and facilitating communication between companies, retailers, and suppliers in real time is key for efficient supply chain management. Meade Willis’ Value Added Network services help to simplify the process by securely facilitating communication and the sharing of data between trading partners.

The data being exchanged through the VAN can also be validated to ensure it complies with universal standards and is properly reconciled to ensure delivery. This direct exchange increases the speed of transactions while also reducing the chances of both machine and human errors that may occur.

MW’s VAN services are complemented by the provision of visibility tools which show the real-time delivery status of data and corresponding integrated workflows, allowing companies to better coordinate dependent activities in a more automated and efficient manner rather than relying on the exchange of phone calls and emails.

System Integration

Since 1995 Meade Willis has designed and developed platforms in order to seamlessly integrate with virtually any system, from legacy products to the latest ERP solutions. Integrated solutions are all interoperable with XRP EDI, the XRP Warehouse Management System, as well as all other XRP Suite modules.

Meade Willis’ integrator platform allows multiple systems to communicate with each other, consolidate data, as well as share information with and between data sources.

Project Management

Meade Willis’ Project Management services utilize process, discipline, and leadership to engage stakeholders and ensure initiatives are completed within budget, scope, and schedule.

Adhering to formal project management best practices, Meade Willis can assist with assessing project constraints and employing strategic solutions to meet client’s requirements. Decades of project management experience enables us to examine project performance goals and develop the most effective plan to ensure project success.

EDI Training Academy

Meade Willis EDI Training Academy provides both an overview of EDI, and an in-depth understanding of technology’s strategic and operational components.

This is an excellent training opportunity for anyone whose work involves EDI, or who anticipates future involvement regarding their company’s EDI efforts. Through this program, companies acquire a complete understanding of EDI fundamentals, know how best to overcome major EDI challenges, and learn the correct application of current best practices.

EDI Onboarding

Meade Willis’ EDI Onboarding program helps companies define their requirements and lead their trading partners through an EDI onboarding process.

Meade Willis works closely with customers to define and address every specific need and tailor the implementation plan, processes and supporting documentation accordingly so that, at the end of the program, all vendors are set up to receive and send electronic documents.

The program accommodates suppliers who are new to EDI as well as those who already have an EDI solution in place.


Meade Willis provides expertise in supply chain management systems, offering both professional advisory services, as well as software applications to all industries.

The process consists of helping clients to identify their business needs and recommending technology solutions that best streamline their supply chain workflows, improve efficiencies and reduce operational costs.

Some key services are: measuring and analyzing key performance indicators, introducing eBusiness to IT departments, and designing and implementing automated supply chain solutions.

Compliance Testing

Meade Willis’ Compliance Testing & Verification (CTAV) program is a certification service designed to validate whether the system developed meets the organization’s prescribed standards or not.

The service was first created to respond to companies’ needs to automate workflow processes internally, as well as addressing an increase in demands to meet compliance requirements from trading partners’ automation initiatives. The CTAV program includes requirements analysis, consulting, internal and external systems compliance, and testing.

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