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XRP Warehouse Management System

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Meade Willis’ XRP Warehouse Management System provides companies with a wide variety of valuable tools to
automate and optimize supply chain processes. Perform material handling, warehousing, and inventory management
tasks more efficiently. The solution is customizable, scalable, and offers appreciable benefits for businesses of all
sizes. Eliminate errors, reduce operational expenses and reach performance targets with Meade Willis’ XRP WMS.

Implementation Benefits
✓ Reduced maintenance and support costs ✓ Simplified solution integration
✓ Optimized warehouse space utilization ✓ Increased employee productivity
✓ Elimination of manual entry errors ✓ Real time visibility
✓ Enhanced customer satisfaction ✓ Strengthened supplier relationships
✓ Coordinated global accessibility ✓ System cooperation

XRP WMS Functionality


✓ Integration with handheld barcode scanners: expedited data transfer to your company’s system
✓ Scanner data can be used to directly populate Advanced Shipping Notes (ASN) templates
✓ Document and/or product validations can be added to reduce errors and ensure inventory accuracy
✓ Short and long term schedule reference screens with the customers/suppliers’ orders information

Forecasting & Planning:

✓ Planning schedules
✓ In-Transit and On-Hand inventory can be linked and monitored in order to provide real time visibility
✓ Anticipate potential bottlenecks or order fulfillment issues
✓ Accommodate internal/external processes which are not powered by EDI or electronic transactions


✓ Parts and parameter management: Min/Max settings; notification utility, etc.
✓ Operations Log: In-Transit/On hand inventory and cumulative shipped quantity tracking/updating
✓ On-hand inventory and comparative audit process
✓ “Visual Workplace” integration: large monitor displays of operations/inventory activities
✓ Reports, data exports and incident notifications can be automatically generated and sent to diverse distribution lists


✓ Selection of the lowest cost shipping solution within parameters for speed of delivery and special handling (ambient)
✓ Integration of internal/customer workflow requirements and business rules
✓ Automated and manual entry shipping that utilizes a detailed rules engine to incorporate various parameters:

✓ package size, weight, destination, contract level, desired delivery method

Additional Features

Transportation Management:

Integrate with shipping carriers (FEDEX, DHL, UPS etc.) and utilize rate shopping functionality.

Label Cloud:

The system pulls information directly from user inputs, as well as enabled XRP modules and customer data, to produce shipping and/or internal labels.

Live Dashboard:

Giant screens strategically placed inside management offices as well as on the warehouse floor allow for a quick ‘at a glance’ view of all incoming and outgoing stock.

Business Intelligence:

Generate reports on everything you need, from the timeliness of vendor deliverables and score carding, to KPIs and forecasting. Add event triggers if certain metrics hit specified thresholds.


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Meade Willis understands that your company has specific warehousing and inventory management requirements. A custom XRP WMS solution will address all challenges and ensure success. For more information, contact Olga today!
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