Electronic Invoicing System


With B2B, B2C and B2G options, the XRP Electronic Invoicing platform replaces largely paper-based billing processes for a seamless exchange of electronic documents.

XRP Electronic Invoice Issuing Solution

Meade Willis’ XRP Electronic Invoice Issuing Solution enables the cost-effective handling of the entire invoice-issuing flow in one integrated platform, where users have access to detailed real-time information and may generate customized reports.

The solution enables processes to be adapted to client requirements and handles compliance with the technical, business, and legislative/tax authority mandates of each organization and target country. There is no hardware or software to install and Meade Willis offers two easy ways to generate invoices electronically.

Integrated Solution

  •  High volumes of invoices
  •  Fully automated process

Web platform

  •  Low volumes of invoices/year
  •  Quickly create invoices online

Meade Willis’ Integrated Solution is designed for companies that send high volumes of invoices. This option offers a fully automated process that handles invoice data directly from your existing system (billing, ERP, etc.) and delivers it directly to the recipient systems.


Meade Willis’ web platform is designed for businesses that send a low volume of invoices per year. It enables users to quickly create and submit invoices online by uploading a file or by manually filling in validated data entry forms.

Both methods allow for some auto-population of values, and both methods can be integrated with additional business processes and cross-reference data.

XRP Electronic Invoice Receiving Solution

Meade Willis’ XRP Electronic Invoice Receiving solution allows companies to virtually connect to their suppliers, automating workflows that gather, process, and manage all daily incoming invoices.

This powerful solution allows suppliers to use different data entry methods via multiple entry points. After invoices have been sent, Meade Willis’ platform converts the files into a format preferred by the receiver. The system is also capable of automatically sending invoices into a web portal for viewing and troubleshooting, or directly into the ERP/internal system of the company.

Pre-set business rules can be applied to the solution and can include various validations along with country-specific legal requirements and compliance, digital signatures and local soil archiving.

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