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Global EDI Internet

globalEDI Internet is a cloud based EDI solution that allows you to send and receive EDI documents from virtually anywhere in the world. All that is needed to access the system is a web browser and an internet connection.
Multiple EDI documents and trading partners can be managed from a single sign on, and role-based permissions are configurable.
All EDI standards and versions are supported, including:

HIPPAA Odette RosettaNet

Modular web portal features provide globalEDI Internet added functionality via Meade Willis’ Integrated Cloud Based Application (ICA) library. Common ICA functions allow users to effortlessly generate customizable data exports, create scheduled and on-demand reports, perform document reconciliations, and create shipping labels.

Meade Willis also designs and develops globalEDI Internet adapters in order to seamlessly integrate with virtually any system, from legacy products, to the latest ERP solutions. Integrated solutions are all interoperable with globalEDI Internet, the XRP-W Warehouse and Inventory Management System, as well as all other XRP Suite modules.

Fully cloud based for over 18 years, globalEDI Internet provides the flexible yet powerful EDI backbone supply chains require , while incorporating all the thought leadership Meade Willis’ global network of customers and suppliers have come to rely on from us. From automotive and retail, to pharmaceutical, grocery, financial, and government, globalEDI Internet provides an industry leading solution for both simple and complex EDI environments.