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Electronic Invoicing

There are many good reasons for businesses to adopt electronic invoicing. From government mandates to company’s improvement initiatives, eInvoicing is not only an effective way to speed up the payment process, but also to manage more effectively the inflow of cash, considerably reduce transactions costs, data entry errors and disputes. eInvoicing also improves procurement controls, while providing better payment cycles and visibility of spend. Some other key benefits for buyers, suppliers and managers include, but are not limited to:

♦ Reducing invoice handling cost by up to 90%
♦ Capturing the potential of early payment discounts
♦ Controlling the cash flow and working capital better
♦ Reducing or eliminating costs associated with scan & capture

meade willis eInvoicing

Meade Willis helps companies achieve these benefits – quickly, easily and cost-effectively. With a solid reputation for innovative B2B processes, Meade Willis’ eInvoicing solution delivers advanced functionality without the need of local software installation or complex implementation requirements. Electronic invoicing accommodates the needs of any sized company, from SMEs to large organizations, no matter how complex or simple the environment. Meade Willis’ solution provides a number of operational and strategic benefits from day one.

The eInvoicing solution has the flexibility to interact and integrate with multiple systems as well as securely send invoices to trading partners anywhere in the world. Meade Willis’ solution offers data validations, format conversions, legal compliance options, and digital signatures when required.

Key Features:

♦ Integration to virtually any system, using any file format
♦ Seamless connectivity to transactional processes and communication feeds
♦ A business rules and legal compliance engine
♦ Document workflow and system routing functions
♦ Customizable webportal options
♦ Detailed real time tracking
♦ Electronic invoicing receiving and issuing
♦ Capability to convert and translate any data format
♦ Monitoring and alerting of critical processes 24/7/365
♦ Advanced encryption technology to ensure data integrity and security
♦ Local soil archiving options
♦ Highly configurable reporting module
♦ Suppliers enablement and onboarding services
♦ Integration with government tax authorities

Meade Willis’ eInvoicing solution offers automated as well as manual data entry and file upload formats, such as CSV, Excel, PDF, XML, or scanned image of an invoice. Company’s business and legal compliance rules can be configured, and the system will automatically recognize the correct steps needed to process the invoice via the intelligent workflow engine. The eInvoicing solution enable suppliers to be notified of the status of their invoice, including pending issues, and if a payment has been generated, all from a convenient supplier/customer dashboard.