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Compliance Testing

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The goals of Compliance Testing and Verification (CTAV) are simple: to ensure compliance and interoperability with either internal programs and systems, those of customers and other trading partners, or both.

The stark reality of connecting disparate systems is that, to do so, multiple skill sets are often required. That aside, connectivity and compliance requirements can be quite complex and may require considerable resource investment in order to meet strict timelines.

To become compliant, companies must:

– Collaborate, analyze, develop and test


– Invest, test, remedy, retest, and document everything

All the above, while coordinating and addressing requirements from interconnecting systems and stakeholders.

For a single company, dealing with a single system and partner, the task may already be daunting. For an enterprise dealing with many suppliers and systems, professional guidance and best-practice implementations are a must.

Meade Willis’ CTAV program is an effective and efficient certification service designed to respond to the rising need for companies to automate workflow processes internally, as well as addressing an increase in demands to meet compliance requirements from trading partners’ automation initiatives.

The Compliance Testing & Verification programs include:

Requirements Analysis
Consulting (strategy, process, implementation)
CTAV Portal Access for progress monitoring
Internal Systems Compliance
Customer and Supplier Systems Compliance
Business Rules (BRM/BRE) Testing
Parallel and Live Data Testing
Specification and Process Change Management
CTAV incorporates best practices gained through nearly 20 years of experience within all industry verticals. Contact a Meade Willis representative to assist in meeting any testing, compliance, and certification requirements today.