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Business Intelligence

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Meade Willis’ business intelligence offering provides companies with the strategic and actionable insights their supply chains need in order to compete effectively.

Our visual analytics and reporting tools allow users to easily access and monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in real time, across entire global supply chains, using only a desktop web browser. Android/iOS enabled smart phones, as well as tablet based devices are supported, and all related applications are built upon a role-based, permission configurable architecture.

Business Intelligence metrics dashboards are all fully customizable to accommodate dynamic requirements as well as specific use cases. Alternately, clients can simply choose their output “as is” from the vast library of predefined reports and graphical views.

BI Primary Feature Set

♦ Real-time ability to share data, analytics, dashboards and reports across organizations, and with trading partners (via XRP Suite’s Collaboration Module)
♦ Accessible from any internet enabled location, anywhere in the world
♦ Full control in order to create and manage role-based permissions and views
♦ Availability of optimized Mobile Smart Phone and Tablet applications
♦ The backend ability to convert and integrate virtually any data format or standard in order to create new, and existing data warehouses
♦ Custom reporting and visual analytics, including drill-downs, real-time process monitoring, notifications, and automatic distribution lists