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Web Order Management

Meade Willis’ Web Order Management solution enables the creation and management of orders as well as an external portal that integrates customers with internal systems and processes, including existing ERP and WMS.

The solution will allow your company to apply business rules validations and provide real time order status visibility. The solution is highly flexible and can accommodate complex number of customer regional and global exceptions. Some other benefits:

♦ Reduces manual operations
♦ Automates order fulfillment processes
♦ Reduces manual entry errors
♦ Enables efficient and cost effective workflows
♦ Reduces dispute resolution activities

Some Key Features:

♦ Role based permissions
♦ Comprehensive operations logs
♦ Multi-language capability
♦ Creation of orders from catalog browsing
♦ Customer and user management
♦ Order tracking and routing
♦ Real time visibility of order statuses: pending, on hold, sent and more.
♦ Ability to modify order details, quantities and options
♦ Visibility of customer order history
♦ Business rules order validations
♦ Order download/upload in multiple formats
♦ Customizable reporting options
♦ Configurable parameters: lead time, minimum quantity and weight