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Consulting Services

meade willis edi consulting services

Meade Willis provides expertise in supply chain management information systems, offering both professional advisory services as well as software services to all industries. We assist our clients in identifying their business needs and recommend technology solutions that best streamline their supply chain processes, improve efficiencies and reduce operational costs. Business assessments and proposed solutions all consider industry best practices and incorporate the thought leadership our clients have come to expect from us.

Meade Willis’ experienced consultants are available to lend their expertise to all projects, including:

♦ Understanding key business issues and defining dependencies
♦ Planning and implementing process improvement initiatives
♦ Capturing, measuring and analyzing key performance indicators
♦ Formulating and executing onboarding, compliance testing, system update and error resolution strategies
♦ Introducing EDI and eBusiness to IT departments
♦ Designing and implementing eBusiness and integrated/tiered supply chain solutions
♦ Developing EDI and electronic document guidelines and cloud based systems
♦ Strategic Information Technology Planning and Business Operations Review
♦ Custom Software and Process Development
♦ Integrating Materials Management systems
♦ General SCM management and Workflow integration

In addition to being a resource for any SCM information technology endeavor, Meade Willis also provides ongoing Project Management support in order to ensure tasks are completed on time, on budget, and maintain momentum over time.